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one stop solution for the food industry

Premium range of bakery & food ingredients.

Crest of food packaging solutions

Best brands from around the globe

Superior quality

We provide a wide range of superior quality bakery & food ingredients along with crest of food packaging solutions and more at competitive prices

One stop solution

By providing Crest range of products & services at one place,we make it sure that you don't have to go anywhere else. From bakery mixes to chocolates, from bread mixes to gluten and from butter to ghee we have all at one stop for you.

Best brands

Food crest has top brands from around the world for the food & packaging industry under one Brand.

About us

With the vision of providing best and healthiest of food solutions to the ever emerging food industry, We started this business in 1974 with the name of Amrit confectionery and general store and in extension to our business we introduced the Brand FOOD CREST (INGREDIENTS AND MORE) in the year 2021. We at the FOOD CREST have a collection of some of the world's top brands for all your Baking, packaging, sweets, Horeca industry needs and much more under one brand.


Cake mixes

Eggless Vanilla premix ,Eggless Chocolate Premix, Eggless Red Velvet Premix, Eggless Vanilla Cake Concentrate, Eggless Chocolate Cake Concentrate, Eggless Slice Cake mix, Eggless Dry cake mix.

Fruit fillings

Blueberry Fruit Filling Red Cherry Fruit Filling, Strawberry Fruit Filling, Raspberry Fruit Filling, Fruits of the forest Fruit Filling.

Cake Glazes and gels

Chocolate Glaze, Neutral Glaze, white Glaze, Strawberry Flavored Gel , Pineapple flavored Gel, Mango Flavored Gel, Blueberry Flavored Gel, Kiwi Flavored Gel.

Cake decoration

Fondants , Sprinklers, Toppings, Food Colors, Cake Stands, Crushes, Color strands, Chocolate Strands, Edible pearls & More


Hazelnut Filling, Caramel Filling, Roasted Almond Filling, Orange Filling, Strawberry Filling, Mango Filling, Pineapple Filling & More

chocolates & compounds

Chocolates, Compounds, Choco chips, Cocoa Powder and Chocolate Topping, Chocolate Glaze, Chocolate Syrup & More

Bread mixes & improvers

Gluten, Bread Improver, Cake Gel Improver, Multigrain Bread Mix, Healthy Bread Mix & More.

Food Packaging solutions

Recyclable Reusable plastic food packaging, Bowls, Cake Trays, Cake Boxes, Chocolate Packaging, Sweets Packaging, Sushi Trays, Meal Trays & More

Whip toppings

Horeca & qsr

Fresh Cream, Pizza Cheese, French Fries, Frozen Snacks, Sweet Corn, Mayonnaise, Flavored Dips & Sauces, Mocktail Syrups Crushes, Variety of Cheese, Paprika, Jalapenos, Wraps, Pasta & More


Frappe Powder, Coffee Mixes , Tea Mixes, Juice Concentrates, Soft Drink Concentrates, Flavors, Emulsions, Mocktail Syrups, Crushes & More.

food essentials

Butter, Fresh Cream, Desi Ghee, Spices and Seasonings, Skimmed Milk Powder, Dairy Whitener.

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Since 1993, Dairy Craft has been creating quality cheese in India

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We bring Craft to Taste Taste is the harmonious fusion of a variety of multi-sensory experiences, which when balanced selectively, deliver a lasting emotional impact. Are you a Taste-crafter? If you are, then delivering Taste must be your number one priority.

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